Sci-2-Biz Studio

Catalysing the "Science-to-Business" process

Facilitating technology transfer with a people-focused approach

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Stock Market Quotes
A Young Scientist looking through a microscope
Financial Analyst
A group of women at a business meeting
Engineering Class
Financial Consultation
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Empowering, Connecting, Exploring

Tools & Capacity Building tackling the Challenges of the "Science-to-Business" process

Our Activity

What we do to support the Science-to-Business process


Tech Transfer Ideation workshops/sprints

Proof-of-Concept projects

Simulations (negotiations, pitches & public presentations)


Tech Transfer Meet-ups

Curated Networking

Partner discovery sessions


Case Study Deep Dives

Science -for-Business Communication sessions

Analysing Regulation for Emerging technologies

Bootcamps for capacity building

Science-to-Business Challenges

Where our activities focus

Purple Pineapple

From Scientific Results to Business Product

Defining product alternatives & IP challenges - Designing the proof of concept - Exploring strategies for business product development

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Defining the value

Exploring value elements, making valuation assumptions, assessing value elements of product and market strategies

Folding Sign

Profiling the Risks

Intellectual property risks, technology risks, commercial risks, economic risks, regulatory risks:

the defining elements, the assessment assumptions, preventive and mitigation measures

Electric Charging Station

Assessing the societal Impact of technology

Defining impact areas and impact metrics, Assesssing impact potential, Evaluating impact investing attractiveness