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Passion Led Us Here

Who we are

Sci-2-Biz  studio is a consultancy specialized in people-centric technology trasfer, founded by people passionate for deep tech  commercialization and for the impact it can create to the world. It is  operating within AELIA lab

The Dream

Becoming a catalyst in the Science-to-Business process by:

  • Offering meaningful capacity building;

  • Providing practical tools;

  • Enable connections

so that more scientists can create socially impactful science-based ventures and/or bring research results to the economy through powerful science-business collaborations (within corporations or between academia and industry)


The Team

Our Activities and Programs are designed by our Management & Strategy Team and our program-specific Sci-2-Biz Project Managers. 

The programs are carried out by our Sci-2-Biz instructors under the coordination and organizational support of our Sci-2-Biz Project Managers. Each Sci-2-biz Instuctor may offer (a) workshops and/or (b) advisory support or mentoring and/or (c)  guidance for execution, according on his/her professional background and areas of interest. We are setting up a community of Sci-2-biz instructors, who are professionals of various professional fields, with corporate, freelance or entrepreneurial careers who  share a passion for the Sci-2-biz process. Most of them have been members of the AELIA-lab pool of mentors/trainers.

Our Sci2Biz Project Managers have the critical managerial role in our specific programs. They have all been collaborators of the Management Team and they have built a strong relationship with AELIA throughout the years, sharing the vision of AELIA-lab and its values and having contributed to defining the principles of action of Sci-2-biz Studio.

Sci2Biz Studio is an initiative of AELIA-lab L&D Agency is managed by the Management & Strategy team of AELIA-Lab which consists of:

(a)  the Executive Director (currently AELIA-Lab co-founder Faye), who is also AELIA-lab Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Learning Officer

(b) our 7-member Strategy Board, chaired by AELIA-lab co-founder Sofia, as Chairman of the Board who is also AELIA-lab Chief HR Officer.

The "Why"

Because the pathway from science into business requires

  • targeted capacity building focusing on specific issues of the process;

  • constant mindset challenges;

  • curated connections among diverse segments of the ecosystems involved.

It is a pathway filled with hurdles and gaps which requires targeted guidance.


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